Domaine Jean Geiler

Shelter and sunshine

Alsace wine benefits from the area’s unusual geography. Sheltered by the Vosges mountains, the vineyards of Alsace enjoy a semi-continental climate of sunshine, warmth and low rainfall.

The region around Colmar, the heart of the vineyards of Domaine Jean Geiler, is perfectly placed. It’s sheltered from the west winds but has an ideal amount of exposure to the sun.

Wonderful Alsace wine since 1926

Founded in 1926, the vineyards of Cave Jean Geiler today extend fpr more than 390 hectares. Over decades, the family’s objective has been to create the best expression for each individual grape variety while respecting the originality of each wine.

The vignerons combine tradition with new methods of vinification and technology.

Red, rosé and white grapes

The Alsace region grows seven grape varieties. Unusually for France it names its wines according to the grape variety:

White wines

  • Sylvaner: dry, fresh, light, slightly fruity and floral
  • Pinot Blanc: tender, fresh and delicate
  • Riesling: dry, lively and of a great finesse
  • Pinot Gris: full-bodied, opulent and attractive
  • Gewurztraminer: exuberant, powerful, floral and spicy
  • Muscat: aromatic, fruity, fresh and crispy

Red and rosé wines

  • Pinot Noir: originally from Bourgogne. Light, refined, red fruit aromas, soft tannins

The delicious dozen

The Alsace vineyards of Jean Geiler cover more than a dozen different geologies, from volcanic rock to valley sand. Layers of geological deposits lie beneath, from granite to chalk, schiste to marn. These are covered by the subsoil of Alsace which is a mixture of granite and grit.

Located west of Colmar, the beautiful hillsides above Ingersheim are made up of calcareous soils. This gives a great structure to the wines of Jean Geiler along with notes of citrus fruit. Alluvial soils from the valleys below work well with most Alsatian grape varieties. Granite soils provide finesse to the wines and a slightly fruity flavour.