‘Beaujolais Beauties’

I do hope that you are well and that 2021 is giving you some grounds for optimism. My traditional frenetic schedule is rather more tranquil, now that I am residing in France. There is a silver lining too, as this period has allowed me to spend more time tasting – and reflecting –more than ever before! One evening last week, having received an order from a client in the UK, via WhatsApp, while I .

Wines for the New Year

I hope that you and the family are well and have enjoyed as good a Christmas as circumstances allowed. These are, of course, extraordinary times, but the more I speak to my friends around the world, the more we all cling to every possible ray of sunshine and optimism. In my case, as you are well aware, those rays to tend to emanate from vines! Fortunately, irrespective of the pandemic and its accompanying chaos, .