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Château de Bligny

Double Gold medal-winning Grand Réserve Champagne from an 18th century château!

Wines like Château de Bligny are among France's best-kept secrets!

Rich gold with yeasty aromas, a fine stream of tiny bubbles and apple-fresh, softly honeyed fruit - the perfect apéritif bubbly!

One in every two bottles of bubbly enjoyed by the discerning French is supplied by small, dedicated growers like those at  Château de Bligny, leaving the rest of the world to chase the bigger brand names, therefore paying a lot more for less character!

Champagne from Château de Bligny:

Château de Bligny - Brut Champagne NV
£19.95 Phone To Order
Château de Bligny - Rosé Champagne NV
£19.95 Phone To Order

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