The Domaine de l’Amauve is an eleven-hectares family business located on the territory of the commune of Séguret.
Séguret’s destiny as a wine producing area has been developed since the 13th Century, first under the control of the Counts of Toulouse, then followed by the Princes of Orange.
The owner of the vineyard Chistian Voeux is a master Oenologist and has been the wine maker at the famous Châteaux Redon and La Nerthe in Châteauneuf du Pape.
With Domaine de l’Amauve, the signature of the vine grower is present everywhere, through the mode of control of the vineyard, the methods of wine making, the work and the ageing of the wines.
Everything is accomplished at the right moment to produce a wine of great quality with respect to nature and the environment.
The origin of the name of the property comes from the mallow flower, which are present in great number around the vineyard during spring and which give off discrete floral flavours and cheer up the landscape with their soft colours.

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