Situated in an area of exceptional beauty, surrounded by woods, orchards, vineyards, and the stunning mountain range of Les Cévennes to the West and the sea to the South, beyond the Camargue lagoons, Château de la Tuilerie produces wines that are considered to be fundamental to the Rhône Valley.
In the hands of the Comte family since 1955 and considered to be the jewel of the Nîmes hills, Château de la Tuilerie is situated in the oldest part of that area of Nîmes that takes the Costières de Nîmes Appellation and its vineyards rise to 80m at their highest peak on one of the seven hills, wind swept by the Mistral.
Château de la Tuilerie is situated in the oldest part of the hills, consisting of miles of silt brought in by the Rhône river during the quartz era and clay marl from the tertiary era. For some unknown reason, this light, acidic and loose soil seems to produce more refined and elegant wines than wine made from grapes grown on limestone.
The clay under soil gives the vineyards very little access to water and minerals, which produces a good but limited vintage made from small grapes which make very concentrated, intense and aromatic wines.

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