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  • Keller Estate

    ‘La Cruz Vineyard’ Pinot Noir ~ Petaluma Gap ~ Keller Estate

    £702.00 Per Case (Ex VAT) Equiv price per bottle £58.50 (ex VAT)

    Over 30 years ago, the Keller family began producing organically farmed Estate wine to capture the distinct soil, topography, and climate our property. This terroir-driven philosophy enables us to guide the process from vine to bottle, creating beautifully
    balanced and expressive wines with a true sense of place.

    The 2019 vintage was vastly characterized by a series of
    environmental challenges, putting vineyard crews and winemakers
    to the test. The season started with record-breaking rainfall and
    flooding leading to a relatively cool spring, slightly delaying bud
    break with harvest time trending well into September. Hefty rain
    in May luckily did not cause disruption in yields since flowering had not yet begun in the majority of the vineyards. Average, stable temperatures throughout the summer lead to a friendly, steady grape development with perfect balances of acid and sugar.
    Come harvest, we were met with a curveball of extreme spikes in temperature and fire hazards, calling for strategic and innovative
    picking decisions. This historic season, accompanied by our team’s intelligent decision-making, leads to incredibly complex, dynamic wines that, much like the season, are historical.

    Grape Variety: Pinot Noir

    Aromas: Allspice, Chamomile tea, Pomegranate, Strawberry and Forest Notes.

  • l'amauve vin de pays de vancluse_600x600

    Vin de Pays ~ Vaucluse ~ Domaine L’Amauve ‘La Vigne De Louis’

    £155.40 Per Case (Ex VAT) Equiv price per bottle £12.95 (ex VAT)

    Gorgeous aroma of blueberries, vanilla and chocolate; medium bodied with soft tannins. An excellent wine for ‘everyday’ drinking.

    Grape Variety: Grenache

    Aromas: Blueberry, Chocolate, Vanilla