Château du Donjon

The History

The Château du Donjon was formerly an outpost for the monks of the abbey at Caunes-Minervois. It takes its name from the ancient castle at Bagnoles with its picturesque 13th century walls towering over the cellars.
The oldest title deeds for the property reveal an interesting fact. Reference is made to a dam which was swept away by floods on the river Clamoux at La Galinière (the site of our vineyards). As a gesture of thanks to the villagers who helped rebuild the dam, the proprietor gave permission for them to use the water for their gardens from ‘midday each Saturday until break of day on Monday’. The rest of the time the water was reserved to power the mill which exists on the property to this day.

For the fascinating story of Château Donjon see this booklet – CHATEAU DU DONJON.