Château Cantinot

Château Cantinot is a Bordeaux wine supplier. The vineyard lies not far from the estuary of the Gironde, near the town of Cars.

Steering a true course in an ocean of wine

Yann Bouscasse and his wife Florence acquired Château Cantinot in 2002. Both had connections to the maritime world. Yann used to be a shipping broker and Florence is the granddaughter of Pierre de Luze Vieljeux who owned a shipping company. This is why a ship’s wheel is the vineyard’s emblem.

They quietly tend this land, lavishing attention in order to produce fascinating wines. The vineyard is a truly family affair. One son Tristan are can be found at international wine fairs with his father. After studying Viticulture and Oenology, the other son Nicolas is now the cellar master and vineyard manager.

Doing a plum job as a Bordeaux wine supplier

This small property produces polished, deliciously rounded wines with a lovely balance. With notes of plum jam, they compare very favourably with well-known names from Saint-Emilion or Médoc.

The Château Cantinot principles

In the vineyards, grassing remains natural. Attention is paid to adjusting the wiring to encourage optimum foilage to produce the best quality grapes. Everything is geared towards developing the best grapes with the perfect level of sugar. Maturing in new oak barrels lasts for between 14 to 30 months.

chateau cantinot bordeaux wine supplier Boat from the family's shipping past