Didn’t Have Time to Exercise? Drink Red Wine!

Not exercising consistently can lead to muscle atrophy, diabetes, bone density loss, and other problems. But sometimes, we simply can’t find the time to exercise for a few days. So if it’s been a few days since you hit the gym, there may be a way to help slow down the damage from not exercising: some red wine.

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Societies for Experimental Biology suggests that resveratrol, a phenol that is found in red wine, may prevent the deterioration due to not exercising – at least for a while. The study took two sets of rats, both of who were subjected to an environment that simulated weightlessness. One group was given resveratrol, and the other wasn’t.

The results were interesting and the study also suggests that resveratrol may be able to prevent the deleterious consequences of sedentary behaviours in humans. Several other stuides have suggested that resveratrol has a range of health benefits, from combating cancer to acting as an anti-inflammatory.