2017 Cambridge Wine Tasting at Jesus College

On 3rd November, we hosted our annual wine tasting at Jesus Collage, Cambridge. With over a hundred different wines available, our guests had the opportunity to sample an eclectic mix of wines from around the world.

We felt it was also important to have the 2015 and the new 2016 vintages on display for many of the wines to allow guests to compare the two. The 2016 vintage has delivered quite interesting results, with notable variety from region to region due to the rather diverse weather some areas in France experienced last year. Despite a complicated growing season Bordeaux managed to pull through and has released some very complex wines with good aromatic expression. Sauternes enjoyed a very good harvest with plenty of noble rot as a result of the very dry summer. Due to the low yields experienced in Burgundy however, producers have had to slightly raise their prices. However, the wines are still concentrated and good to drink young. Producers from the Rhone and the South of France on the other hand were blessed with perfect conditions from mid-August to September, which reversed the damage caused earlier in the season.

The selection of wines on show at the tasting included wines for every day drinking, as well as some many would prefer to keep for those special occasions. With the festive season coming up it was a well attended event, with plenty of guests buying their Christmas stock early.

Thank you to everyone at Jesus College for all their help, until next year.